Area Fishing - The Gorge/ East Outlet

Above The Forks, the Kennebec River flows through a remote and rugged gorge with limited and difficult access. The Gorge contains populations of "wild" brook trout and landlocked salmon that can attain trophy sizes (and unfortunately, illegally introduced smallmouth bass).

Radically fluctuating water levels from Harris Dam requires that the angler fish very early or late in the day in order to take advantage of low-water periods. Additionally, the angler must be constantly on the watch for rising water (and wearing a life jacket is not a bad idea!).

The Gorge is best accessed via the Harris Power Station near Indian Pond, the foot trail off the old Chase Stream Sluice Loop Road (west side), the "Wooden Stairs" at the Carry Eddy (east side), or by walking upriver from the Ball Field in The Forks.

The Kennebec above Indian Pond is actually two rivers, the West and East Outlets, which flow out of Moosehead Lake and into Indian Pond. Of primary interest to the trout fisherman is the East Outlet which boasts spring and fall runs of Landlocked Salmon. The West Outlet is best for bass.

Most wading anglers concentrate their efforts on the section of river between Moosehead Lake and the "Sandy Beach" just downstream of the highway bridge on the north shore. Additionally, this is a popular Driftboat section seeing increased traffic each year, particularly in October.